Medium: Acrylic paint on Canvas

This reproduction was a work I did in 2nd Year University at OCAD. I always liked Robert Henri’s work. This is nothing compared to the real master work , but I still like the job I did (no tracing by the way). I derived a lot of my own style from Robert Henri. I was fascinated with how blotches and harsh brush strokes complimented with contrasting colours could make a great painting.

Salome, R. Henri Repoduction by San Mathew
Rober Henri - Saolme
Salome 1909, Robert Henri

This reproduction is now with my mother in Toronto, Canada. I think she always saw my artistic skills when I was young and always pushed me to be the best I could be. My mother helped me through art school. Giving her this painting was literal the least I could have done for her. One day I hope to repay her back all she did.

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