Mercedes 350 C AR Model -2011

Ok so I’ll admit this Model is not going to win any modeling or rendering awards. However, let me explain why I like this piece.

This is a 5304 polygon model build for deployment on a I phone 3G. It was built for one of Ad-Dispatch’s first mobile AR experience. I also built this with out any orthographic blue prints, and anyone who models vehicles can tell you that it is a nightmare for the model’s integrity. I honestly still can’t prove that the model is accurate. If you own or see a 2012 Mercedes 350 C you can let me know.

The only reference I had was about 20 pictures taken of the vehicle from a car dealership and from the internet. If you don’t realize it, any complex modeling is done with just texturing. I’m very happy with the way this model turned out, especially due to the lack of proper reference material.

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