Sports for Kids – 2008

I have so many hard drives with random working files I need to get better organized. I came across some of this work and thought I would share an experience.

I was doing a few freelancing jobs back in 2009 while I was unemployed. I got work as a freelance animator making flash based web banner advertisements. I would provide the animation that was requested and give it to the client in a .swf format. Needless to say I think every artist at some point has had to chase someone down for money. I ended up making 7 banner adds and only received compensation for 4 of them. I learned a lot from this experience. I realized that the mass population has a hard time placing a value on creativity. They think its no big deal to just draw a few pictures, they could care less about the integrity of the piece or the time needed for originality.

3 months after the delivery, and constant e-mails to the client I gave up. I was very disheartened by this experience but learned a lot about how people look at me because I claim to be an artist.

I have lost the final work for these banner ads. Here is one of the roughs animations for a banner to promote a basketball tournament. If I am able to find the hard drive in which they all live in I will update this post with more final renders.

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