Loki – 2011

Challenge: Model, rig, texture and animate a game character with no t-pose and only Voice over?

Challenge accepted!

Ad-dispatch needed to build a Enemy Character for The Avengers  Assemble App, however Marvel would not divulged the look of their new Loki character, and when they finally did we could not use it due to red tape. The release date was approaching and we decided to go with a Loki that was more from the comic book style. like I said…we NEEDED an enemy.

I managed to model, texture, rig and animate a Loki character from images found on the internet. Also the voice over the client gave us needed to be acted out which took a lot of consideration and character research. This was also back in the Unity 2.0 days so there was a lot of issues with a conventional rig transferring from Maya to Unity. Also blend shapes are not compatible with Unity 2.0 so all the facial expressions were controlled with joints.

Here is the model/rig/animation clips for the Loki character that I built:

I think everything worked out at the end with the character , there are some animation issues that I see now that frustrated me. I have gotten better, but mass and weight have always been my weak point. More practice I guess.

As anticipated, Marvel did not approve the comic book Loki we built for the app. I kind of knew they wouldn’t so I was not disappointed. I did get to learn a few things about the relationship between Maya and Unity. Also, I got to build and animate one of the best anti-villains in the Marvel universe.

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