The Webslinger App

This was one of the most enjoyable projects I ever worked on. We build an augmented reality promotional app for the Amazing Spider-Man movie. This was the first major production in which I played a lead artist on. I was very nervous and excited about this app, there were many lessons learned along the way.

The best part for me about this app was an experience that involved a Truck that drove around the United States with a AR trigger on the side of the trailer. We used this trigger to launch what was to be a life size fight sequence of Spider-Man and the Lizard. I took on the task of choreographing and animating the fight sequence between the two characters. As a martial artist myself this was a dream come true. I could tell the director of operations, Matt Fegan at Ad-dispatch was nervous about the scope of the animation for this experience. I was too, this was the first fight sequence I ever animated. It ended up being great success and we received a lot of press for this project.

Here is a playblast of the fight sequence. Character weight is always a weakness of mine.

Click on this linke to see someone playing with out app:

Click on this link to watch Ad-dispatches promotional video

Click on this Link to watch a review of our App:

Click on this Link to read an article about this App on the Wall Street Journal:

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