Amazing Spider Man Flyer AR – 2012


This is an Augmented reality piece I worked on for Marvel while working at Ad-dispatch.

The purpose of this experience was to add digital AR content to a flyer that went out to the public. When the user points their phone at the QR code you see in the video the following animation plays with clips based on user interaction.

The clips are as follows:
– Entrance to scene
– Idle
– Web slinging (Interaction #1)
– Wall Climb (Interaction #2)
– Barrel Throw (Interaction #3)

There are a lot of mistakes I see in my animation that I wish I had the time to fix. The character’s wrists are flicking from frame to frame, he goes off his rotational axis when he flips in the air, and his turn is more of a spin than a proper weight shift. What really frustrated me with the errors is the problem with his weight shifts, the speed of animation seems more like one of a smaller character than what should have been a 6ft man. Ah well…got to let it go and be happy that I got to work on a franchise that I was a fan of since the ’90s

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