Cervus Equipment Corporation – 2013

Sometimes I love working for a client who has no interest or desire to direct animation. They say, “here is what we want done, go do it”. Cervus Equipment Co. was a pleasure to work for and an animators dream, NO REVISIONS!

We needed to create a video that Cervus could show off to their client to reveal all their recent acquisitions. What an interesting subject matter! *sarcasm*
So the challenge was to keep it simple and interesting. Like most video projects rendering always makes me nervous.  At one point we had every computer available in the office and even personal laptops rendering.

In this piece I worked on modeling, lighting, camera movement and direction.
Here is the final Video:

Credits: Direction/Animation: San Mathew, FX Artist: Dane Aleksander, Compositor: Jon Eisner, Animation/Modeling: Jonathan Dyer, Modeling: Jeremy Aucoin, The Post-Man Post Production Studio

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