2013 – Ice Awards Logo

Medium: Maya 2012, Photoshop cS5, Mudbox 2014.

I worked on this piece for Current Studios, this piece would have been found in program booklets given to all that attended the show. Current Studios was a Platinum Sponsor of the Ice awards. It was very time consuming to work on the ice material, as with most new material/texture work there are a lot of tedious render tests. The only thing I really don’t care for is the text on the top, however I had no choice since it was the client’s request.

I did work on a another App project than won a Merit award at the 2013 Ice Awards.
Meh! its gold or nothing I say.

I would like to thank Marketing Arts Group for the initial geometry of the camera. They have helped me a lot through out my career with advice and assets and would one day like to actually meet them (internet friend).

Current Studios Ice Awards Poster
Current Studios Ice Awards Poster

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