Please click on the link for the Demo Reel

Current Studios Demo Reel



I have been working For Current Studios as their Lead creative artist from the conception of the company. I have been tasked with running an animation team  and consulting on the creative side of many of their animation and video projects. They are an excellent studio to work for and I am very privileged to work with them.

I have had the honour to work with very talented people in the Canadian East Coast animation/video industry. Here are some credits for the work on this Demo Reel:

Chris Purcell, Dane Alkesander, Peter Giffen, Matt Fegan, Nathan Myatt, Richard Huggard, Jon Eisner, Jonathan Dyer, Khamadi Ojiambo, Eric Leclerc, Trevor Schelick.

I will try to have some break downs of my work seen in this demo in a later post.

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