Melissa – 2003

This was a drawing I did for a fellow student at OCAD in 2003, her name was Melissa Goodman. In the figure drawing class one of our mid-term projects was to draw a portrait of someone in class. This drawing is 12″x 24″ on black water colour paper with white conté. Melissa enjoyed a Goth/alternative lifestyle and I thought placing her in a dark scene would peak her interest. This drawing was based on a 20 minute pose.  I did use some artistic license with her eyes, but her mouth and lips are fairly accurate. I lost touch with Melissa over the years, I would like reconnect with her to get her opinion on this portrait of her at 19 years old.


Sorry for the poor quality this was back in 2003 before 8.0 megapixel cameras, I will try to get a better scan in a future update.

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