Nationwide Make Safety Happen Truck – 2015

In April, 2015 I had the opportunity at Current Studios to work for Nationwide Insurance to develop a mobile app to help children be safe at home. The app was launched inside a custom built tractor trailer modified to resemble the interior of a common middle-class home.

One of my responsibilities was to develop a character based on their mascot “Nate” the American bald eagle. The character would act as a guide through the app to help navigate the user around the tractor trailer and inform the child about home safety.

Here are some old renditions of the character:


Here is the final illustration of Nate the eagle.


The clients were very pleased with the character, they even turned it into a real life mascot. Here is some of our team members posing with the mascot suit:


To keep the production timeline efficient we decided to use a pose-to-pose animation style with-in the app with not in-betweens. Here is the introduction video to the experience:

I also illustrated the backgrounds that would be seen in the app. The backgrounds are created using Flash and Illustrator.
Here are a few of them:

Bathroom Kitchen Outside

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