Source Library

PolyTrans for Maya: Convert any 3D CAD model to use in Maya or 3dsMax. This program is ideal for anyone who works with technical models.


Composition Notes: Some great tips and rules to create great compositions


Lighting Guide: Here are some examples of lighting options:


Credits: Cartoon Block

Isometric Grid Guide: Here is an grid to create isometric background tiles.


David Miranda: A great technical artist who is proficient in Unity shaders and FX work

Free font Archives:

Stock Photography Blog/Vector Illustration Blog by 123RF

123rF Tutorials: Ever have a design job that you don’t know how to do or worse where to start? These posts are a great resource.

Andrew hazelde’s Blog: Great source of great Virtual Reality plug-ins and extensions. Check out the Lat-long shader for Maya its worth a look for anyone interested in 3D 360 rendering.

Solid Angle: Great source of Shaders and Shader tutorials using Arnold plug-in


360° Panoramic tools: I met these guys at SIGRAPH 2013 when they were just starting, Now they are at the top of the game with image and video stitching tools.

Bulk Rename Utility: Have a sequence of images or folders that you want renamed quickly? use this tool its a great time saver and its FREE:

A very talented Character artist and animator: Auto typology Auto rig Auto mo capture

Olle Rydberg: The different render passes that can be used to create a 3D character.


遥渡辺: Head Turn Refrences:

fc5bec19ddeb8f64bf3b6bb52fefd984 Headturn1

Kate fox, A.O. Tans, and Various other artists: Concept poses for characters


Howard Schatz: Different anatomical photography of athletes


Olympic Athlete Bodies, Side by Side

I always gather inspiration from many different disciplines of art and innovation. Here are some resources that I found interesting, and has helped me with some of my work.

Felix Sputnik: Great tutorial on walk cycles

Burno Monterio: Very talented Animator

Jon Diesta: An amazing Figure Concept Artist

Masters of Anatomy: An amazing database of Figure concept Artists

Warren-Louw: An amazing Concept Artist with great rendering, lighting and colour theory knowledge

Tony Mitchel: A great illustrator

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