Volvo Concept You AR Experience – 2012

I love working for car companies. I have always been interested in cars, and this was one of my favorite cars to build. Volvo hired Ad-Dispatch and asked us to create an Augmented reality experience to show case their Concept You vehicle for the Canadian Auto show. It was a great opportunity to get our 3D and development skills to a wide national audience.

This was a complicated build. In 2012 For AR to work efficiently on a desktop computer the polygon count needs to be less that 100000. The AutoCAD asset we received was over 2 million, DAMN!

It would be a considerably tedious task, and like most commercial work the time frame was short. As the lead artist my responsibilities was to split the modeling work up to make sure we get this job done in time. Usually most productions houses don’t split a single model between artists, so this was unorthodox to say the least. I split the car into sections and instructed the other artist to use the AutoCAD model as a guide to build their individual sections.

The final piece was beautiful and the clients and the users were very satisfied with the experience.

Here is the YouTube link displaying the experience at the Auto Show:


Here is a hi-res render of what the final model looked like:

Video Showing the AR experience:

Credits: Modeling: San Mathew, Dane Aleksander, Jon Eisner, Programing: Mai El-Awini

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