Avengers Assemble – 2013

Boost-Ar was a company I animated for that was awarded a project to make an app to promote a new animated television series Avengers Assemble. Although I worked on previous Marvel projects I was required to submit an animation test for their approval. My previous work with Marvel was all 3D and they wanted to see 5-10 seconds of 2D animation, simply put, to see if we are worthy. Since the animated series was not released and no trailers existed I was running blind when it came to animation style. I had no idea what they wanted to see and was conflicted if I should play it safe with motion graphics or take a risk with a more traditional style of animation. So I decided; give them both!

Here is the animation test I did for Marvel Studios.

Results came in: We passed!

The clients were happy with both renditions and we had to decide internally which style to move forward with. The motion graphics style was chosen as the more efficient route to go with in this instance. It was a challenge to only use the images in their stylguide to create a coherent animation sequence, I believe this was achieved as you can see in the Into Animation.

Here is the Intro Animation to the App that I also worked on:

Credits: Animation: San Mathew, Animation/ Compositing: Jon Eisner

Unfortunately, this project was placed on hiatus. Although I enjoy the challenge of 3D and the impulsiveness of 2D animation the simple-and-sweet look that comes with motion graphics cannot be overlooked. I hope to work on more quick motion graphic work in the future.

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