Absolut Vodka Greyhound – 2012

This project involved a marketing campaign from Absolut Vodka that incorporated three mechanical greyhounds. Unfortunately, we did not receive the 3d models that were used in the original advertising campaign.

Back to basics, build from scratch.

I had to manage a pipe line at Ad-Dispatch to make sure we delivered these assets on time. Each member was assigned with specific tasks. It was a very complicated build because we only had a few campaign posters and a graining YouTube video for reference.

I took on the tasks of modeling this blue dog and animation. I do also have to mention the exquisite texture work done by Jon Eisner.

Credits: Animation/Modeling: San Mathew, Compositing/Texturing: Jon Eisner, Modeling/Rigging: Dane Aleksander, Modeling: John Dyer.

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