Boy vs. Beast app – 2012

This app was based on a book published by Lemonfizz Media.  The story is of a young boy who must use various technological weapons to defeat beasts that attack his world.

The app was an accompaniment to the books in which the user/reader uses the app to unlock special games and features through augmented reality.  We developed games which were themed on the adventures the young boy had in the book.

I was responsible for leading the 3D animation team, managing a 3D game asset pipeline, modelling and animation. Once we delivered the games assets the animation team was also tasked with producing an end of game cinematic to reveal the ending to the book.

It always good to pre-visualize a video before actually building. I find pre-visualization always increases quality, builds a foundation for timming and helps the client conceptualize the vision building confidence. The pre-production process is also very helpful with revisions, it is better to make changes and adhere to client suggestions earlier in the stage of production rather than after rendering.

Here is the animatic I created for the ending scene.

Due to tight deadlines and budget restrictions we had to use the  low polygon game assets in the cinematic. I still think the animation was successful, and true to the publisher’s stylistic theme.

Here is the final cinematic

Credits: Direction: San Mathew, Compositing: Jon Eisner, Animation/FX Artist: Dane Aleksander, Animation: John Dyer, Audio: Eric LeClerc

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