Tek Recon Intro App Video – 2012

Working at Ad-dispatch as the lead artist it gives me the opportunity to conceptualize original concepts from start to finish. With the help of a great creative team we come up with a lot of cool work.

This is the work we did for an intro video to an App for the client Tech 4 kids. This app was developed for a toy gun specially designed to hold an IPhone. The App allows the user to play a game of shoot ’em up with their friends while using the phone as a score counter and for information display.

Its a very innovative concept and we are still developing for this client.

The idea that we are traveling with an electric current in the circuitry of a phone was what we ended up conceiving. The video purpose was to brand the app and the product but also smoothly blend into the start of the app. The video ends on what is considered the main menu screen of the app.

Here is the Layout animation of the video. Its always good to reflect back on the process. I am always a believer that without a good foundation everything will fall apart.

Here is the Final render. I am very pleased with this animation and commend the hard work of the team.

Credits: Direction/Modeling/Animation: San Mathew, Modeling/Compositing: Jon Eisner, FX artist: Dane Aleksander, Modeling/AnimationJon Dyer, Modeling: Jeremy Aucoin, Audio: Eric LeClerc

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