Wildlandia – 2014

Wildlandia is a mobile app that I have worked on since 2013 . Through augmented reality the app uses toys, blankets and pillows to unlock a mobile game. The app is oriented to children 5-12 and allows children to care for animals found in the African savannah.

This is the promotional animated cinematic:

This is the opening scene to a racing game within the app:

Here is some animation clips I worked on:

 A video to explain the 360 degree experience built on Oculus Rift

These are a few environment concept drawings I worked on:

Caves Forest Grasslands River1


Credits: Direction/Design/Modeling/Animation: San Mathew, Design/Modeling/Animation: John Dyer, Modeling/Visual Effects/Rigging: Dane Aleksander, Modeling/Animation/Compositing: Jon Eisner, Design: Stephanie Munn, Audio: Eric Leclerc, PM/Voice: Dominic Fegan

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